Sarayu Big Urli Bowl
Sarayu Big Urli Bowl
Sarayu Big Urli Bowl

Sarayu Big Urli Bowl

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Samskara Home's decor collection is classic, warm and familiar. Our home décor style is rooted in traditions. The hand-beaten urlis with a metal base is traditional and timeless and will beautifully fit in with every occasion. Use the metal urli bowl to add finishing touches to your festive decor- create a small arrangement of bright flowers within the urli bowl, or float a few petals for a chic decor display.

Urlis are one of the easiest ways to light up your house during festivals or special occasions. Also, according to Vastu, keeping an urli bowl filled with water is considered auspicious since water signifies wealth. You can decorate the urli with fresh flower petals and add scented floating candles to fill your house with a divine glow and soothing fragrance. These versatile urlis make for a thoughtful gift too.


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Abrasive-free dish soaps with soft cloths or sponges work best to clean metal urlis. This can be followed by a warm water rinse and thorough drying to remove any remaining soap.

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