Festive Decor

The true colours and enthusiasm of festivals come out only through the festive decor items adorning the whole house! Get yours now, buy home decor items online this festive season only at our store!

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Aloka Diya Stand
Rs. 1,680.00
Samskara Wax Tealight Candles, 3-Hour Burn Time, Smokeless, No Residue (Set of 100, Unscented)
Rs. 400.00
Unscented Household Candles 8" - 12 Pcs
Rs. 470.00
Aruna Door Hanging Set Of 2
Rs. 2,490.00
Aruna Red Rangoli Mat
Rs. 1,800.00
Aruna Red Festive Toran
Rs. 2,490.00
Avani Rangoli Mat
Rs. 2,490.00
Avani Festive Toran
Rs. 2,730.00
Shweta Kalash
Rs. 1,750.00
Swasthik Wall Decor
Rs. 680.00
Gajakarna Ganesh Wall Decor
Rs. 2,550.00
Rudrapriya Ganapati Wall Decor
Rs. 1,650.00
Premium Playing Cards (Set of 3)
Rs. 380.00
Premium Playing Cards (Set of 10)
Rs. 750.00
Shruti Decor Bells
Rs. 580.00
Two-layered Festive Chime
Rs. 780.00
Wayurekha Windchime
Rs. 550.00
Mayura 3 Layer Peacock Oil Lamp
Rs. 900.00
Airavata Wind Chime
Rs. 1,140.00
Rudra Wall Hanging
Rs. 610.00
Onkar Mini Brass Hanging
Rs. 1,420.00
Onkar Brass Hanging
Rs. 5,040.00
Vibha Diya Stand
Rs. 1,060.00
Bhaskara Wall Hanging
Rs. 530.00
Prabhakara Wall Hanging
from Rs. 510.00
Brass Lucky Tortoise With Plate
Rs. 600.00
Ujjval Jali Lantern
Rs. 3,300.00
Umang Metal Stand (without lantern)
from Rs. 2,460.00