About Us

In India, our religion and culture bind our faith and values. Pooja is an essential part of this faith, and it has been done for centuries now. Pooja helps you to cleanse your body, mind, and intellect.

Samskara home is a traditional brand that aims to keep the cultural ethics and practices alive and share the legacy with future generations. It combines ancient traditions and modern style, offering relevant products for a whole sensory experience and pleasure of usage. For starters, we aim to ease your search for Pooja items, festival essentials and other home objects online.

Samskara Home's vision is to offer hand-picked and handcrafted products that uplift the spirit and adds an air of timelessness to a home. Our products range from aarti thali to brass idols, from metal Urlis to Planters. Today, when people are struggling to attain a sustainable work-life balance, we at Samskara help you come closer to your goal. We are with you and for you. You can order pooja essentials online from the luxury of your home and office.

We welcome you to browse through our section and find the items of your choice.