Radha Krishna Brass Idol
Radha Krishna Brass Idol

Radha Krishna Brass Idol

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You might have seen several Brass Radha Krishna Statue, but they are bound to pale in comparison to this particular one. Brass has always been considered auspicious in India, but this brass statue has detailing that is sure to leave you speechless. It is said that Radha and Krishna are the eternal symbols of love and bringing them home, can bring in love and prosperity. As Krishna stands with his flute, Radha stands beside him, looking demure and pretty. This mini Brass Radha Krishna Idol is sure to become the centre of all attention, whether you keep it as a décor piece or in your pooja room.

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Did you know that Brass is considered sacred and is widely used in India for religious purposes? Samskara's brass idols are made with high-quality Brass with attention to detail. Radha Krishna idols create an atmosphere of love, devotion and peace. It is believed that the Radha Krishna brass Statue is a powerful, charming and positive sight. Samskara's Radha Krishna brass idol is meticulously crafted and is a perfect addition to your puja Ghar. Bring home this mini brass statue and fill your room with positivity. The size of the statute makes it easy for you to carry it even when travelling. The Radha Krishna idol is perfect to be gifted to your loved ones.


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Metal Brassware

Abrasive-free dish soaps with soft cloths or sponges work best to clean brass statues. This can be followed by a warm water rinse and thorough drying to remove any remaining soap.

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