Krishna Playing Flute Brass Idol
Krishna Playing Flute Brass Idol

Krishna Playing Flute Brass Idol

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The image of Lord Krishna, surrounded by his beloved cows, deep in a meadow, playing his flute is one that we have all seen, innumerable times. We bring to you this Brass Flute Playing Krishna Statue which is a sure shot attention grabber! His typical cross-legged pose elongates into his torso, where you get to see him holding his flute. There is immense detailing on the body, the crown and even the flute and when you see the idol, you will see that even the flower that he stands on, looks realistic. You can choose this Krishna Playing Flute Brass Idol either for your home or as a gift!

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Bring home this mini brass statue and fill your it with positivity. The Krishna idol is perfect to be gifted to your loved ones.


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Metal Brassware

Abrasive-free dish soaps with soft cloths or sponges work best to clean brass statues. This can be followed by a warm water rinse and thorough drying to remove any remaining soap.

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