Pavitra Mixed Floral Smudge Bundle

Pavitra Mixed Floral Smudge Bundle

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The Pavitra Mixed Floral Smudge Bundle from Samskara Home is a harmonious medley of nature's most delicate fragrances. Each element is carefully selected to create a sensory journey unlike any other, gently dispelling negative energies and fostering a sense of balance.

To invoke the sanctifying power of the Pavitra Mixed Floral Smudge Bundle, one must approach the ritual with reverence and intention. Begin by lighting the tip of the bundle, allowing the flames to flicker briefly before gently extinguishing them, allowing the aromatic smoke to rise. Guide the billowing tendrils to every corner of the room, every neglected alcove, and every shadowed nook, permitting the gentle incense to cleanse and bless the space.



Bambooless Incense, grass , marikolunthu, green lvs , vettrivaer natural, bay lvs , baby's breathe , lavender flower, helichrusum, thread

Store in a cool, dry place. Always use a fireproof bowl or shell to catch falling embers when smudging, and ensure the bundle is fully extinguished after use. Ensure good ventilation in the space you're smudging to allow the smoke to circulate and cleanse the entire area.

Manufactured and Marketed by: Marble Rose Studio OPC Pvt Ltd 1/5, 1/5A Madurai Bypass Road Sankaraperi, Thoothukudi - 628002 Tamil Nadu
Country of origin : India