Nishi Metal Pendant Necklace
Nishi Metal Pendant Necklace

Nishi Metal Pendant Necklace

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"The Nishi Metal Pendant Necklace houses an homage to the timeless artistry that has graced the subcontinent for generations. Tiny beads, like jewels plucked from the azure sky and the soft blush of a blooming garden, hang from the pendant's edge, swaying with every graceful movement. These little gems, in shades of delicate blue and tender pink, lend a whimsical charm, a playful dance of colors that mirrors the lively spirit of an Indian bazaar.

A sturdy, inky-black thread, unobtrusive and unadorned, serves as a humble canvas upon which the pendant can paint its story. It exists only to let the pendant steal the spotlight, a stoic backdrop for the metal's intricate artistry. Pair this necklace with a crisp white saree or a flowing anarkali suit. Let the pendant stand out against the simplicity of traditional Indian attire."

8 x 6 cm

0.3 kgs

Metal Jewelry

To preserve its beauty, avoid moisture and chemicals. Store in a dry, tarnish-resistant environment.

Manufactured and Marketed by: Marble Rose Studio OPC Pvt Ltd 1/5, 1/5A Madurai Bypass Road Sankaraperi, Thoothukudi - 628002 Tamil Nadu
Country of origin : India