Asparagus Preserved
Asparagus Preserved
Asparagus Preserved

Asparagus Preserved

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Say goodbye to the woes of wilting and watering!

What if your plants could stay green and oh-so lush for years on end, without water and sunlight?

Discover the art of preserved foliage perfected through four decades of dedicated research and expertise. Our secret innovative preservation mechanism ensures foolproof freshness and lasting beauty. It is time to ditch the plastic and go natural!

Choose sustainability, Choose Mrs. F!
Keep away from sunlight, moisture, and dust.

Bring everlasting greenery into your space with our preserved Asparagus plant in a charming terracotta planter. Crafted through a meticulous preservation process, this lifelike foliage maintains its natural beauty indefinitely. Add a touch of nature's tranquility to your home or office decor with this timeless botanical accent.

S-25, M-25, L-45

Ceramic glass pot, Dried preserved leaves, CR roll

"Preserved foliage and plants can bring a touch of nature into any space without the need for constant care. 1. *Avoid Direct Sunlight:* Preserved foliage is sensitive to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, which can cause fading or discoloration over time. Keep your preserved plants in indirect sunlight or low-light conditions to maintain their vibrant appearance. 2. *Avoid Moisture:* Since preserved plants have already been treated to maintain their natural look and feel, they don't require watering or any additional moisture. Keep them away from humid environments, as excessive moisture can cause them to deteriorate. 3. *Handle with Care:* While preserved plants are sturdy, they can still be damaged if mishandled. Handle them gently and avoid bending or crushing the foliage to maintain their shape and appearance. 4. *Dust Regularly:* Dust can accumulate on preserved foliage over time, dulling their appearance. Use a soft brush or a gentle blast of compressed air to remove dust regularly and keep your plants looking fresh. 5. *Avoid Extreme Temperatures:* Preserved plants prefer stable room temperatures. Avoid placing them near heat sources such as radiators or air conditioning vents, as extreme temperatures can affect their color and texture. 6. *Display Considerations:* Consider the placement of your preserved foliage carefully. Display them in areas where they can be admired but are also safe from accidental damage, such as high-traffic areas or areas where they might be knocked over easily. 7. *Longevity:* With proper care, preserved foliage can maintain its appearance for several years. However, over time, some fading or subtle changes may occur naturally. Enjoy your preserved plants for their beauty and uniqueness, knowing that they offer a long-lasting touch of nature to your space. Following these care instructions can help you to properly care for your preserved foliage, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for years to come."

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Country of origin : India