Vastu for home – how the ancient science can change your life!

Vastu has been a part of every Hindu’s life since times immemorial. Whether it is designing a house, building an office or constructing a school, vastu is given immense importance. There is a vastu tip for everything in a house – from choosing the right doormat to placing a god’s idol in the Pooja room!

Before we understand how vastu can be beneficial for your home, let’s first understand what Vastu shastra is – it is the age-old Indian system of designing a space, both living and working spaces. The system is based on the faith that the way a space is designed and the vastu items kept inside the space affect the harmony and affluence of the people living or working there. It is principally based on the laws of nature and the universe, aiming at aligning the buildings and the interiors with the surrounding natural forces. These natural forces include the movement of the planetary bodies, the flow of water, and the direction of the wind.

Why is it important to keep home decor items as per vastu

The very basis of vastu shastra is that people can build spaces in harmony with the natural elements and planetary bodies, enabling free flow of positive energy, leading to the flourishing of their bodies and souls.

Vastu prescribes how people can create their homes as well as professional spaces like offices and commercial buildings, based on movement and behaviour of the surrounding natural forces, such as movement of the stars and the moon, the flow of water, and the direction of the wind. It is basically about creating a balance and achieving harmony inside the space, which can aid the health, wealth and peace of mind of the inhabitants.

What are some of the positive energy vastu items for home?

There are many vastu products for home that are believed to be good and efficient and we have listed some of these items for you:

  • Pyramids: A pyramid, usually made of copper or white crystals, is considered to be capable of attracting and storing the positive energy around. These pyramids need to be kept in the north, north-east or east direction of the house. They bring harmony and prosperity to the inhabitants.
  • Wind chimes: Just like pyramids, wind chimes are also believed to attract positive energies and dissolve the negative energy at home. They can be hung in the north, northeast or north direction of the house. In addition to filling the house with a sweet mild melody, they are believed to bring good luck and prosperity.
  • Salt lamps: Salt lamps are believed to purify the air in the house, creating a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. They can be kept in the north or east direction of the home. These are believed to offer good health and serenity to the mind of the people in the living space.
  • Vastu Yantra: A Vastu Yantra is a design, which is a cluster of many shapes interlocked with each other in a specific pattern, and is considered to have potent spiritual properties. These can be placed in the east or north direction of a house and pass good luck and abundance to the dwellers.
  • Plants/trees: Plants, in addition to dissipating oxygen and aroma in the house, also absorb the negative energies in the house. You can keep a small plant, succulents or even decorative plants in the east or north direction of your house, to bring good health and prosperity. If you are unable to keep real plants, you can also think of keeping metal veda vriksha or kalpavriksha trees available at Samskara Home.
  • Certain animal figurines such as tortoise, kaamadhenu, fishes and owls are also believed to ward off negativity and harness the positive energies around. Before leaving our website, do explore the figurines and statutes of vastu tortoises, Naagadevta statues, peacocks and lot more, which cann bring you good luck and prosperity.

In addition to the aforesaid vastu things for home that can be kept in the living room, there are certain vastu decorative items for bedroom which can prove to be very useful. They are –

  •       A photo of a placid landscape, which can create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.
  • A wind chime, a salt lamp, or yantra that have the same benefits as mentioned above.
  • Crystals, like amethyst, rose quartz, and citrine, which can bring positive energy and good vibes into your house.

You may also want to know about these things to keep in pooja room for good luck and prosperity -

  • An idol or photo of deities, such as Ganesha, Lakshmi, or Shiva. You can refer to our blog on the do’s and don’ts of keeping a god’s idols at home.
  • Fragrances like incense or dhoop cones, which can create a pleasing and holy atmosphere, connecting the worshippers to the divine.
  • Bells, shankas or anything that can create sounds, as these things are believed to chase off the negative energy in the house.
  • Yantras are considered to have strong spiritual properties and positive energies.
  • A diya, which is a must! Lighting a diya or lamp in the pooja room symbolises the presence of the divine in your home.

The bottom-line…. 

While some think vastu is just a fancy term used, some have very strong belief in this system. We at Samskara Home have a strong belief in anything that might make your homes more positive and your lives better. Whether you wish to buy vastu gifts for home such as lamps and diyas for a friend, or home decor items as per vastu such as paintings, bells and statues for your own house, we suggest you look at our beautiful products before leaving.

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