The Best Diwali Gift Ideas For This Festive Season

The festival of lights is almost here and most of us are already looking for Diwali gift options that we can give to our family and loved ones. This is also the time when the need for corporate gifts arises and while most people stick to the regular options like sweets or dry fruits, there are a few who like to think beyond the regular. They want to give gifts that are unique and practical as well and connected to the ethos of the festival. Diwali is more than just a festival, it is considered the start of the new financial year for several businesses and this is a new beginning for the life, where good luck and prosperity is invited into the homes and lives.

Now, before you start looking for unique gifts for Diwali, would is not be wise to learn a little more about the festival itself?

Diwali is commonly known as the festival of lights; the more traditional name for the festival, Deepavali refers to a string of lights and is often associated with the victory of good over evil. Diwali is a successor to Navratri and the day falls 20 days after Vijay Dashami – the celebrations start with Dhanteras, followed by Naraka Chaturdashi and then eventually Lakshmi pooja or Diwali, which is the darkest night of the Hindu calendar month. In some parts of the country, the day after Diwali is celebrated as Govardhan Pooja or Padwa – and for all these festivities, there is a sense of joy and celebration. The references to festival goes all the way back to the 1st millennium CE – there are mentions of the celebrations in Padma Purana and Skanda Purana and in the 7th century play called Nagananda, King Harsha refers to a festival of lights where newly engaged couples would be welcomed and given gifts. So, you see, the Diwali gift idea has been around for a really long time!

And while there are plenty of unique Diwali gifts around these days, did you know that there are also several unique stories that are associated with the festival in itself. The most popular story is that of Lord Rama returning to his home town of Ayodhya, after rescuing his wife Sita from the hands of Lankan king Ravana and defeating him and his army. Another story is related to Lord Krishna, wherein he killed a demon named Narakasura and rescued 16000 girls, who were being held captive by him; yet again reiterating the victory of good over evil. The third Diwali story is related to Goddess Lakshmi, who is said to have been born during the Samudra Manthan, the churning of the cosmic ocean and her eventual marriage to Lord Vishnu on what is considered Diwali night.

With this year’s Diwali just around the corner, it’s time for you to start building a list of all the Diwali gift ideas for family and loved ones and Samskara Home is here to help you create that list:

  • It is Diwali, which means that there is bound to be a Lakshmi pooja, which means that there could be no better Diwali gift than a pooja thali and at Samskara, you can choose from a range of sizes. Each thali comes with a diya, an agarbatti stand, a kumkum box and a small bowl for prasad or Akshat. With an Om symbol engraved into the thali, this thali is a perfect gift for anyone who is moving into a new home too or is celebrating their very first Diwali.
  • There is nothing more traditional and classier than a really pretty brass diya and at Samskara, you should be able to find genuine brass diyas. When you are looking for classy Diwali gift ideas these brass diyas would be a really good bet – these are oil lamps, which means that once you place the wick, pour a little oil and light the lamp, you will have that traditional festive touch, even in the most modern looking home.
  • In case you are not into the traditional brass diya, you can always consider lamps that can be illuminated with the help of tealight candles. There are plenty of options when it comes to tealight lamps at Samskara – whether you want something with a modern touch like a floral jaali or an antique lamp. And in case you are looking for something purely traditional, then you will most certainly like the Ganesha tealight diya or the urli shaped version. These will prove to not only be the best Diwali gifts for friends, but also wonderful addition to your home too.
  • There is a chance that some friends or family members who prefer not to have a live fire in their homes, especially those with small children and pets. For those people, Samskara brings the gorgeous LED lamp powered lanterns, which look traditional, but will light up at a flick of a switch. These are perfect not only for the festive days, but also for times when you want a warmth to spread around your interiors, with a slightly spiritual touch.
  • Now let’s say you want to stick to the more typical Diwali gifting ideas, there is no reason why you can’t jazz it up – planning to give chocolates or sweets to your loved ones, why not pack them in a stunning metal basket, which they can use in their pooja room later on or even in their living room. The same basket can also be packed with dry fruit packets, candied fruits or even flowers. How about a candle gift hamper or maybe some aroma therapy essential oils? The gorgeous metal basket is sure to make almost anything look glamourous!
At Samskara Home, the search of unique gift for Diwali comes to an end, because this is where you can find some of the classiest and most elegant looking festive and traditional options. Whether you choose a diya or one of the brass Ganesha figurines, you can be sure that the person receiving the gift will love it and cherish it for years to come!

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