Step Up Your Diwali Decorations With These Best Rangoli Designs

Step Up Your Diwali Decorations With These Best Rangoli Designs

Diwali decoration is incomplete without rangolis; whether you are making it to please goddess Lakshmi, or to impress the guests, or just to make your home look beautiful, rangoli comes in handy! Rangolis not only add significantly to the festivities of the house, they also hold immense traditional value, which is why people do not want to miss it! A simple and basic “kolam”, or a massive design with intricate patterns, whatever it may be, the cultural and emotional value attached to a rangoli remains the same. Over the years, people have developed many new rangoli designs for Diwali, and still keep surprising the netizens with newer and more unique rangoli designs every year.

At Samskara, we always yearn to keep ourselves grounded to our culture, yet explore new ways to be more and more excited about our rich traditions. With Diwali around the corner, we are here for you, with new style rangoli designs you could make and make your Diwali even more exciting and enjoyable!

Try your hands at Mandala Art:

Mandala is an art form that has gained huge regard in recent times. The art can be characterized by concentric circles, filled with geometric patterns. Mandala design looks simple, but when filled with beautiful colours, it looks very elegant. The best part about this art is that you can make the rangoli using mandala art in any size you want – yes there is no specific number of circles or dimensions. Plus, you can always make a design using your own creativity and create new rangoli designs of your own! Multi-coloured mandala rangolis are an amazing way to decorate your entrance, as you can fill in all the colours and patterns of your choice, and make your home look jubilant and jolly!

Floral Rangoli:

Floral patterns, like flowers, are colourful, refreshing and breathtakingly beautiful. Floral patterns can also range in different sizes and designs – you can even make an imaginary flower, and decorate it with the colours of your choice. Another prettier and an eco-friendlier option for rangoli would be an actual flower rangoli – the one made and coloured using real flowers and leaves. With flowers, petals and leaves, you can create gorgeous new rangoli designs with your creativity and imagination. You can place an artistic diya or crafted lamp purchased at Samskara at the centre of the rangoli to complete the look. You can also use flowers to make corner rangoli designs and make your home look jubilant from corner to corner!

Pretty Bird!:

When you ask people which is the prettiest bird they have seen, most of them would give a peacock as the answer. Peacock rangolis, just like real peacocks, are truly a delight to look at – colourful, beautiful patterns and intricate patterns, what more do you want in a rangoli! You can make the body in blue, and the feathers can be of green, orange and golden shades. Alternatively, you can ditch the classic greens and blues, and use any colours of your choice, and make the small circles in the feathers in multiple vibrant colours. Peacock rangoli designs can be coupled with other designs and you can create your own new style rangoli. Peacock designs are always preferred by artists, as the multiple colours used in them give a special vibrancy to the overall look. Place a few diyas on the feathers, and you get a gorgeous rangoli there!

Diyas and lamps:

Diyas are a perfect symbolization of Diwali, so it makes perfect sense to create a diya rangoli this Diwali! There is so much creativity that can be achieved with diya designs – you can create a new rangoli for Diwali, using just the lit diyas, or create an image of a lit diya, and fill it with your favourite colours and designs. Just like a handcrafted artistic brass lamp at Samskara, you can create a pattern using flour and fill it with floral or geometric patterns, fill vibrant colours and there you can get an amazingly gorgeous and latest rangoli design! You can also fill the diya rangoli design with glitters and you can get a shiny and vibrant rangoli. Diya and lamp rangoli design can be used as corner rangoli as well as side rangoli designs. And in case you are running short on time, pick something from the diya rangoli range on offer at Samskara!

Bring the Gods to your Rangoli!:

During Diwali, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped all across the world and bringing in parts of these gods into your rangoli would be a great idea! Many people draw “Lakshmi paadam” or Lakshmi’s feet, entering their home, and decorate the rangoli with beautiful patterns and colours. Ganesha rangoli has also been a popular traditional rangoli design for Diwali for many years, wherein artists create unique images using Ganesha’s trunk or ears as the basic design and building patterns upon it. You can combine the face of Ganesha with other designs such as the sun’s rays, diya or even a rainbow and create new and trending rangoli designs.

So, which one is your favourite? Share your designs and experiences during this Diwali with us, and let us hear about your rangoli ideas too. Wish you all a very happy and safe Diwali!

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