How To Keep God Idols In Pooja Room – Vastu Tips For The Best Benefits

There is no Hindu household that doesn’t have a special place in their home devoted to their beloved gods and goddesses. Whether it is a separate room altogether or a simple wall stand for God idols, this is the place where they find their much-needed solace and divine connection. Be it the faith that we have on our deities, or the positive energy that emanates from their idols, the feeling after a Pooja or prayer can often not be described in words.

Undoubtedly, a Pooja space is an integral part of the house, and we need to keep a few things in mind while setting up the Pooja room. Whether it is Pooja room photos arrangement, or placement of Pooja room idols, Samskara Home brings to you a list of do’s and don’ts, to ensure that you have the most divine space, to practise your devotion. 

  • Placement of the Pooja Room in the house-
  • Just as we choose a specific direction to which our main entrance should be facing, the Pooja room should also be facing a specific direction – especially thinking about how to keep God idols in Pooja room. According to Vastu experts, our Pooja room or shelf should face East or the North east direction, east being the most preferred option. Coming to God's photos arrangement in Pooja room, again, the most preferred direction is east. However, certain Gods need to be facing specific directions too. For example, if you ask Vastu experts in which direction should Ganesh idols face in home, they will say North, as North is believed to be the abode of his beloved father, Shiva.

    One very important thing that you should keep in mind is that the Pooja room must never be located above, below or opposite to the bathroom, in the bedroom and under the staircases.

  • How to place idols in the Pooja room?
  • The general thumb rule says that the idols should face the east, north or the north-east direction. However, there are certain rules as to which direction should god face in the Pooja room. Strict followers of Vastu believe that the god’s idols should never face one another, that’s the reason why usually the god’s photos are arranged in rows, rather than facing each other. Also, God’s statues should preferably face the devotee.

  • What should be the size of idol in house?
  • It is absolutely necessary to choose the appropriate size for the idols. Vaastu experts believe that the God idols for the Pooja room should not exceed 9 inches in size, and also should not be smaller than 2 inches. At Samskara Home, you will find the prettiest and the purest idols of your ishta devatas, which will bring a divine feeling in your heart. From the material that is used to make these idols, to the hearts that have been poured into making them, everything is as pure as your devotion.

    Another very important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the idols should be kept no less than 6 inches above the ground, and 1 inch away from the walls of the Pooja room.

  • Which murti of god should be kept at home?
  • The most popular and commonly worshipped Gods among the Hindus are Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, and among the goddesses, it is Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Down South, Lord Kartikeya and Tirupati Balaji are worshipped more than anyone. There is absolutely nothing wrong in keeping the idols of these Gods at home, provided you follow the other rules pertaining to Pooja room idols.

    However, one very important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should never keep any broken idols, and more than 3 idols of the goddesses mentioned above.

    Also, murtis of some of the members of the Navagrahas such as Shani and Rahu-Ketu should not be kept at home. Some astrologers and Vastu experts believe that keeping Shivling at home is also not auspicious, especially if you do not do regular Pooja.

  • Which is the best material for god idols?
  • In general, gold, silver, copper, bronze and brass are considered to be the best metals to use to make the idols or gods and goddesses. The main reason for this is that these metals are corrosion resistant and do not react to oxygen present in the atmosphere, thus having a long life. Apart from these metals, idols made of mud are also considered auspicious.

  • What are the auspicious things to keep in Pooja room?
  • Before understanding what things to keep in a Pooja room, it is necessary to understand that the Pooja room must be kept neat and clean, without dirt and dust settling on the idols and photos. Here is the list of things that must be present in a Pooja room other than god’s idols –

    • First and foremost – idols or photos of gods and goddesses, in proper condition. This is the basis of any Pooja room.
    • Incense sticks or dhoop, as per your choice of fragrance – the main reason behind using incense sticks or dhoop is to create a calming atmosphere, and make the ambience conducive for devotion and create a divine positive energy.
    • Flowers are another inseparable part of the Pooja room. Vastu and religious experts believe that using fresh flowers in a Pooja room not only pleases the gods and goddesses, but also creates a calming and soothing atmosphere. Fresh flowers also make the Pooja room look beautiful. Also, you need to remove the dried and wilted flowers from the idols.
    • Diyas or lights are a must! Irrespective of the material in which the diya is made, lighting the diya twice a day is believed to bring positive forces into the house. Many people ask, in which direction should we keep diyas, the answer to which is east-north. Placing the diya in the south should be avoided. It is believed that placing diya in the east can bring good health, and that in the north could bring prosperity.

    Whether it is the right Pooja idol, or the diya, Samskara Home has the most divine and the purest collection for you. Made with the purest material and the purest intentions, every single product at Samskara Home is dedicated towards your devotion and bringing about the divine positive energies to your abode. 

    Check out at the collection of god idols for pooja room, diyas, lanterns, thalis and décor articles, and you will know what we are talking about! Make your Pooja time more special with the pooja room idols at Samskara Home!

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