How Feng Shui Can Bring Money, Luck And Success Into Your Home

Vastu has been a part of India since time immemorial – even today, people consult a Vastu expert before building a house or if they are purchasing an apartment, they will ensure that the directions are correct and the vibes of the house are positive. Just like Vastu is to India, Feng Shui is to China and just like Vastu has spread across the world, so has Feng Shui and in the past few years, there are plenty of feng shui articles that are showing up in Indian homes. People have started understanding that good luck and fortune need not be limited by which country they are in – prosperity needs to be welcome from wherever it comes from, which would explain why there is a huge demand for Fengshui pieces in India too. 

When you come to Samskara Home, you will see that there are options galore for not only traditional décor pieces that will be in line with Vastu sensibilities, but also those are in tandem with rules of Feng Shui. What is interesting about this system is that you can bring about changes or make additions to your home, to attract very specific factors. So, if you are looking to bring in health into the home, you will need to make a few changes in how your furniture is placed or certain articles. Now, let’s say you are looking to invite money and success into your home, here are some of the things that you need to do:

  1. It is strongly believed that luck, money and success come only into homes that are clean, which means that the most basic feng shui to attract money would be to clean out the clutter in your home. Every once in a while, you need to bring out everything in your home or your office and pick and choose what you really need and what you don’t. By removing all the clutter, you are clearing space for what is really needed and creating space for something new. Just like you clean out your home every Diwali, you need to do it every month, to ensure that the Feng Shui works and invites wealth and success into your space. 
  2. The entrance to your home is the first impression that goes out to anyone coming to meet you, which is why, the entrance needs to be rethought very carefully. Ideally, the colour of the front door should be red, but if that is not possible, you can always add a splash of red in the form of a knocker or even a peephole frame. If you could paint the moulding of the door in red, even that will work. 
  3. Once inside the main door, you need to ensure that the entrance is inviting enough for not just people, but also for wealth and fortune. The front door of the house is also known as the mouth of the qi or the mouth of energy. One of the easiest feng shui tips for money flow would be to place a Buddha or even a Laughing Buddha at the entrance. These are meant to invite positive energy into the home and with that will come money, fame and success. You could even place rugs or doormats, because these are also meant to invite positive energies into the home. However, it is important that you clean the rugs and mats on a regular basis and don’t let dirt settle down in them. 
  4. Plants are a really great way to invoke feng shui for money and success and you can place them all around the house, including the entrance. There are certain types of plants, commonly known as money plants, which are considered really auspicious to be kept inside the house. What is great about money plants is that you can place them in soil or even in water – but either way, you need to ensure that you water the plants regularly. In case the plant is kept in water, you should change the water regularly. 
  5. Water is yet another important aspect of fengshui – moving water is meant to invite good luck and wealth into the home. if you have a space large enough, you can build a water feature like a pond in your garden. If not, then you can place a small water fountain in the house, preferably somewhere close to the entrance. Another water feature that can be kept in the house for attracting wealth and good fortune is an aquarium and as long as it is maintained properly, it should be an asset to your home. Try to place it in the north side of the house or office to attain maximum benefit. 
  6. As per Feng Shui there is a stone that attracts money – citrine is considered a powerful crystal to attract wealth and this gold tones quartz can attract continued prosperity. This is one of the only crystals in the world that does not hold onto negative energies and can cleanse itself. You can keep it at home or even carry a small piece in your wallet to invite wealth. 
It is said that wealth comes to spaces that are clean, uncluttered and have a positive energy and when you bring home some good luck feng shui items you can enhance the luck. At Samskara Home, you will be able to find a range of décor pieces that will bring in prosperity, good fortune and positive vibes into your home.

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