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A new home is such an occasion of joy – becoming homeowners is often a process that takes years; people save money and build the castle of their dreams, several times over in their minds, before it becomes a reality. So when someone invites you to their housewarming ceremony, its more than just an invite to join in a celebration. It’s their way of asking you to be a part of something that they hold really close to their hearts – they want to be a part of a dream coming true.

Taking a gift for housewarming ceremony is considered not only polite and respectful, but also necessary – in the olden days, when a new house was built, the household items and other objects needed in a brand new house were to be brought by family members. Building a house was an expensive affair and most house owners would have exhausted the money in the building itself. So, the family bringing in household objects like pots, pans, utensils and religious items was considered a way of helping them furnish the house and get it ready for living.

Today, most people take the effort to furnish their house and have ready to move in homes, by the time they are done, but the concept of gift giving still exists. At Samskara Home, we take the concept of prettifying your home very seriously, while ensuring that there is still a touch of tradition in everything we offer. This is one of the reasons why, we are one of the perfect places for you to shop for housewarming gifts for Indian family. No matter what your budget, no matter what your preferences, we are confident that you will be able to find something that catches your fancy in our virtual aisles.

A new home is like a new light in the life of the people who have built the house, so what better gift that that of lights. At Samskara, you will be able to see a huge collection of some of the finest lamps and diyas. Whether you want something that is simple or you want something that is incredibly elaborate, the choice here is vast. You can pick single brass diyas that are crafted to perfection and will become the centre of attention, no matter where they are placed. Or you can pick something that is a bit more on the trendy side – diyas that sit on steps and can be used for décor purposes or for special occasions. There are diyas that have peacocks fashioned onto them or you can look for one where Lord Ganesha comes along, making this the perfect gifts for family functions.

And in case you are looking for something that is a little more modern in feel, there are several lamps that you can look at. These have intricate patterns carved into them and all you need is a tealight candle to bring a room to life! Or perhaps you can take a look at the LED lamps, which will burn just as bright and just as pretty, no matter which part of the house they are kept in. Our collection of metal rangolis will also leave you feeling excited – these are designed like traditional rangolis, but what makes them stand apart is the fact that they are actually tea light candle holders, which are perfect for all types of occasions and homes.

At Samskara, we bring to you house warming ceremony gift ideas that are truly beyond the ordinary – check out our collection of urlis and other brass décor. There are the traditional South Indian style urlis, which are perfect for special occasions – these are made using brass and can be filled with water, flowers and even floating candles. Many of these have detailing that is so beautiful that it will leave you truly awe-struck and while some have designs crafted into them, there are those that have Ganesha and peacocks. You could also look through the more modern looking urlis, which are perfect for regular use. The new homeowners could place them anywhere they like – whether they choose to fill it with flowers or potpourri, the choice would be all theirs!

Moving onto the brass décor options – whether you choose religious idols or you want something that has a touch of the exotic east, there are so many pieces to like and love. If there is a fengshui inspired tortoise, there is also a nag devta, if there is a kalpavriksha tree, there is also a set of divine symbols that are designed to be a wall hanging. And in case you want something that is not associated with any religion, there are peacocks and other such décor pieces.

And in case you are feeling completely confused, there are options of gift hampers too – at Samskara, we not only bring the finest gifts, but also the finest gift hampers, making the choice easier for you! So, the next time you are invited to a housewarming and are looking for the best gifts for housewarming ceremony, Samskara Home will be the best place for you to do your shopping.

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