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A wedding is more than just a celebration – it is the coming together of two people, with a promise that they will spend the rest of their lives together, with love and respect. A wedding is also the joining of two families – the cultures, customs and traditions of two families now become those of one. And then there is the fact that a wedding also means thinking of wedding day gift ideasfor most people, this is often the toughest task, because they are never really sure about what to buy. This is perhaps one of the reasons why a lot of people finding giving cash the easiest way out!

If it is a beloved friend who is about to get married, then coming to Samskara Home would be a good idea, because there are plenty of gifting options on offer here. This website is not only about adding a touch of the divine to your interiors, but also creating a home that feels in line with a sense of traditional. Given that a wedding is normally a slightly traditional affair, choosing gifts that are based in tradition, would be perfect for gifting too.

Here are some of our top picks for when you are looking for gift ideas for friends marriage:

  • God idolsIf you know that your friend is religious or spiritual or if you have gotten information that the family they are going into are, then there would be nothing better than picking god idols from Samskara. Here, you will be able to pick from one of the largest collection of idols and statues – whether you are looking for Krishna, Ganesha or Shiva, you will have plenty to choose from. And then there is the fact that you can pick from a variety of materials and price ranges, meaning that no matter what your budget, you will find something.
  • Diyas and lamps Sometimes, picking a religious item feels a little worrisome, because you are not sure whether it will be accepted in the right way. In such scenarios, choosing something that is non-denominal would be better and for those scenarios, Samskara brings to you a huge collection of diyas and lamps. Whether you want something that is intricately carved in high quality brass or you want something that is lightweight and pretty, there is much to pick from. We suggest that you take a look at the peacock diyas, which are gorgeous and will surely win the heart of anyone who sees them.
  • Metal rangolis We are often asked what these ‘metal rangolis’ are, because you could normally not associate rangolis with metal. However, we at Samskara have made the art of making a rangoli immensely simple – place our metal rangoli on the floor or any other safe flat surface, place a tealight candle inside and you are set. You will instantly have a rangoli that will take the breath away of anyone who sees it. That is why, our metal rangolis will make for a spectacular wedding gift for marriage and at Samskara, we have such as variety in terms of designs and patterns too – from simple to stone studded ones!
  • Urlis Once upon a time, the urli was a part of several homes; especially in the southern states of India, and today, the humble vessel is making its way back to the global stage. Today, you will see large urlis in hotels and posh resorts, as well as smaller versions in homes. If you too are looking for a really good marriage gift ideas for best friend, then we would suggest that you take a look at our selection of urlis. From the more traditional urlis to the modern bowl likes ones, we bring to you a large selection – your friend could choose to deck the urlis up with flowers, water and floating candles or even sweets for a special occasion! The urlis that come with tealight candle holders have our heart; maybe they might win yours as well!
  • Wall décor – When your friend is getting married, she will also be looking forward to setting up a brand-new home of her own and at that time, she will want décor pieces too. At Samskara, you will see an interesting collection of wall décor pieces, which are unique and interesting. Whether you want to pick something that is bright and vibrant or something that is a lot more sober and serene, we at Samskara, try to cater to all tastes. There are pieces that are steeped in spirituality and there are those that tell a tale of the traditions of India – choose that which captures your attention.

The best gift ideas for friends marriage are not ones that come with the largest price tag – they are ones that are picked with a lot of love. At Samskara, we curate every category with a lot of love, so that you can pick something your friends, family and loved ones can appreciate. Now that you know where to come shopping, when your best friend is getting married, make sure that you spread the word too! Do check out our social media handles to learn more about our products and new launches!

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