8 Ways A Lamp Could Take You Closer To Spirituality

Asato mā sadgamaya || lead me from the unreal to real
tamasomā jyotir gamaya || lead me from darkness to light

In the long history of mankind, light has always been important – light has helped protect him against wild animals and the warmth that was generated from the same fire that generated the light allowed him to keep warm and even cook food. However, the importance of lamp in Hindu culture and several others for that matter, goes beyond just the light and the heat. Light or fire, in every form, has deeper rooted meaning and there often is a logic behind each and every one of it. At Samskara Home, we understand the importance of light, which is why we offer one of the most exclusive collection of diyas and lanterns – each meant to emanate the light of purity, knowledge and truth into your spiritual lives too.     

Here are 8 interesting ways in which the humble lamp could bring spirituality in your life or lead you closer to it:

  • Life – If our solar system did not have the sun, there would be no life – plants would not be able to carry out photosynthesis and there would be no production of oxygen and without oxygen, humans would not survive. When human beings spend too much time away from direct sunlight, chances are that you will fall ill. The significance of diyas in Indian culture probably comes from the fact that the light of this lamp is meant to symbolize life itself. There is no surprise in why a diya is lit in homes at dusk or every auspicious event or celebration has fire and its accompanying light as witnesses.


  • Knowledge – If you were to look at Hindu scriptures, you would find evidences of how light symbolizes the Brahman, the wise – it is said that in the beginning, there was nothing; no sky, earth, sun or the moon. Manifesting itself in a golden egg, the dawn of light appeared and awakened Brahma as well as his sister, Usha, the dawn. They brought hope, good tidings and symbolized the awakening of the inner self. Even today, there are places where the first day of learning something new will be started by the lighting of the lamp.


  • Truth – The age old saying goes – the truth will come out into the light; yet again, the light comes into play. When the darkness is dispelled the reality, the truth is bound to become a lot clearer. Scriptures speak at length about how by lighting a physical lamp, you can light the spiritual lamp that exists in your mind and soul. By lighting that lamp, you enable the third eye to open and all three of your consciousnesses are able to see the truth, clear as the light of the day.


  • Purity – There are five elements in the spiritual space and apart from fire, every other element can be made impure – when you wash something, the jala or water takes on the dirt, trash makes the Prithvi or earth dirty, burning of fire makes the vayu or air polluted and we humans have successfully managed to pollute akasha or space as well. However, agni or fire remains the only element that can purify, without being polluted itself. This is one of the reasons why agni is always kept sakshi or witness to every auspicious beginning. This is yet another explanation for the importance of lighting diyas during all sacred and spiritual occasions as it is meant to purify everything.


  • Guidance – They say that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel – whether you are walking through a dark alleyway or you are trying to find your way through a new place, it is light that you will need. By going to a guru or a teacher, you are asking them for guidance; asking them to lead you to the light of knowledge and wisdom, from the darkness of ignorance. When you start a new class or start learning under a new guru, they will also tell you about the importance of lighting a lamp, as a symbol of learning and moving towards light from darkness.


  • Divinity – Whether you are meditating or want to give your day a spiritual start, chances are that you will light a lamp in some form – for meditation it would be some scented candles and for prayer it would be a brass diya. Invoking the spiritual light that lies within you has to find some external outlet – it depends on you whether you want a simple diya or you want something a little more elaborate like the Ganesh LED lights from Samskara that will cast a warm glow across your space and your heart!


From celebrations to introspections, there is so much that starts with the simple gesture of lighting a lamp – at Samskara Home, you will be able to find the most stunning silver pooja thalis to diyas and lanterns that will not only invite light in your home, but also add style and class.

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