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If you thought that decorative hangings were meant only for special occasions, think again – at Marigold Mansion, we have something for every day!

There is something so festive about Christmas tree ornaments - the moment you look at them, you get into that holiday spirit! The colours that you see on these ornaments and that brightness along with a vibrancy can bring a smile to the most glum face too. Which is why, you often are forced to wonder, why are these ornaments brought out only at Christmas! Because there is no rule that these ornaments should be taken out only around Christmas, you will want to consider what are the other ways in which you can use these wall hanging options around your home. One of the easiest ways to use them would be to hang them on walls of your home, because they can add instant colour and charm.

However, it is picking the right type of modern wall hanging online that can prove to be quite the task – you need to pick something that will work with the overall colour palette of your space. If you have a light colour scheme in the room, you will either want something that matches or perhaps you might want to go with something that is brighter and more vibrant. And its not necessary that you have to buy only Christmas tree ornaments; these days, its very easy to find crystal hanging ornaments online that are not only pretty, but also really delicately crafted, which are sure to add some amount of glamour and plenty of charm to your interiors.


When you are looking to buy hanging ornaments online, you are bound to think where to go and Marigold Mansion should be the place for you. Here, you will be able to find not only the prettiest looking Christmas tree ornaments, but also the classiest decorative hangings that will add to the overall décor of your home. Whether you are looking for something small and delicate or you want something that will instantly grab attention, at Marigold Mansion, you will be able to find it all. What we bring to you has been crafted with a lot of care and concern – every piece that you see in our virtual aisles is handcrafted and will surely bring a smile to your face.

There are some options that are completely Christmassy in nature – there are reindeers and Christmas tree ornaments that you can choose and there are even stockings to remind you of the holidays. But apart from that, you will also be able to pick from the more festive options such as the inimitable car arriving loaded with gifts and goodies! You can pick an intricately made butterfly ornament, which is a wonderful option for the walls of little ones’ rooms. There are pairs of hearts, which you can give to newlyweds or perhaps you would like a little something that is sure to make your mother smile!


1. Do you have anything special for Mother’s Day?

Of course – you can check out our large selection for moms - Little Mom-ents With You Box, Maternally Grateful Box, You are A-Ma-zing Wall Hanging, Blooming Mom-entos (Set Of 2) and Mother Like No Other Wall Hanging are just some of the options.

2. Can I gift something to my little niece?

We are pretty sure that your little darling will love pretty much everything we have on offer in our decorative hangings selections. We suggest that you take a look at our options and perhaps allow the princess to pick whatever she likes.

3. My daughter is an animal lover – do you have something for her?

Oh yes! She would probably really like the Mystic Reindeer Ornament – whether she hangs it on the wall or tacks it to her tack board, we are sure that she will like it.

4. I want something simple and sober for my hostel room – what do you suggest?

We think that you might like the Floral Embrace Wall Hanging for its pastel shades and intricate work.

Why Marigold Mansion?

If you are wondering why you should come to Marigold Mansion, of all places, to buy decorative wall hangings online, here are just some of the reasons. When you go to the regular online stores, chances are that you will find multiple versions of the same products, but at Marigold Mansion, we strive to offer only that what is unique – what you find here, you might not find anywhere else! Most places might not stand by the quality of the products that they offer, but when you buy hanging ornaments online from us, you can be rest assured that it will be not only the finest quality, but also pretty enough to win your heart.

When you choose to buy modern wall hanging online at Marigold Mansion, you can be sure that you will get true value for money – no matter what type of hanging you are looking for, chances are that you will be able to find it in our virtual aisles. And while we bring to you some of the cutest and most adorable Christmas tree ornaments, we also offer you another world that has all the essentials that you will need to not only make your home look beautiful, but also functional and practical. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for classy glasses for your next dinner party or ceramic bowls that you can use on a daily basis, at Marigold Mansion, we have pretty much everything you will need to make your home the haven you want it to be!

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