The Must Have Pooja Items For Your Home

A pooja is more than just a ceremony – it is your spiritual connection with a higher power, that you might recognise by any name, and the feeling of calm and centring that it offers. Whether you are setting up a new home or you are renovating your existing one, if you are in the market for traditional pooja items, you need to know what to buy first. Rather than just going to a store and randomly picking whatever you set eyes on, it is important to understand the need of each item. Alternately, you could come to Samskara Home, where you should be able to find almost everything that you will need to create your divine pooja room. We have curated a list of items that you must have:

  • Pooja thali – Although a pooja thali is not a must in a pooja room, it does tend to make things convenient – a lot of people choose to keep their items separately, keeping them together on a thali makes it all a lot more organised. This organisation becomes all the more important on festival days or on the days of special poojas, because you might have more than your pooja items for daily use. When you are looking to buy a pooja thali, make sure that you pick something in silver or brass, as these are considered more auspicious. You can look for a size that suits your needs or you can pick multiple sizes – one for daily use and one for special occasions. 

  • Bhog bowl – When you are doing a pooja, you need to ensure that there is something kept for the bhog or as an offering to God. This is also known as Naivedyam and it has to be offered in a clean bowl. people often choose to wash and use the bowls at home, but they would have been used by other people in the house, negating its purity. This is why its better to have a separate bowl for bhog – brass or metal are good ideas and it will be easy to keep them separate. 

  • Diya – No pooja can be considered complete without a diya and given that you will be able to find diyas in all shapes and sizes at Samskara Home, you will be able to pick and choose based on your likings. It would be a good idea to pick smaller diyas for daily usage and regular poojas and larger lamps that you can use for occasions. The lighting of a lamp is meant to signify the presence of wisdom and knowledge, which is why every auspicious occasion starts with the lighting of the lamp. 

  • Kalash – When you look for brass puja items online, one of the objects that you will find are kalash of all sizes and that is because they are an inherent part of any pooja ceremony. It is believed that a kalash represents the panchatattva or the five elements that make up the universe. It is also believed to be a symbol of abundance, wisdom and life in general. There are references to Lord Vishnu carrying amrit in a kalash, while the churning of the celestial ocean was taking place. Keeping water in a kalash is considered to be auspicious and is often mandatory for a pooja. Many people also use a kalash to place the ceremonial coconut. 

  • Bell – While a bell is not a must have, it is a good item to have in your pooja room – it is believed that the sound of the bells informs the gods about the arrival of their devotees. It is also believed that the sound of the bell can invoke positive energy and remove any negative energy that might be pervading in the space. The bells can also be used to add a sense of rhythm or music to when you are chanting mantras or religious songs.   

  • Incense sticks – Whether you choose to use incense sticks or dhoop batti, the choice is your and you can use whichever you like. The fragrance that these emit are meant to spread positive vibes and remove negative energies. The idea of using these fragrances is also to create a fragrant atmosphere for the gods. Given that you can choose from a range of incense sticks at Samskara Home, your pooja room and your home will always smell nice!

  • Yantra – A yantra is more than just a series of lines and geometric patterns – these are created based on astrology and several powerful texts and are believed to have immense power. You can find yantras that are meant to bring prosperity into your home, attract money or luck and even dedicated to specific gods and goddesses. It is important that you get your yantra from reputed places or people. 
Now that you know what all you will need in your pooja room, you can head straight to Samskara Home and buy puja items online that are not only divine, but also absolutely beautiful!

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