Shopping on a budget? Here are some budget friendly options at Samskara

When you are looking for a gift, there are so many things you need to keep in mind – you need to think of the occasion, you need to think about what would be appropriate as a gift and of course, you need to think of the budget. Many a times, it’s the last point that becomes the most important – you want to get something nice, but you don’t want to empty your bank balance. Should you be wondering if you can find some really nice home decor items under Rs.1000 that you can give away as gifts, you need to come to Samskara Home.

At Samskara, we have taken an immense amount of care and time to curate some of the finest home décor options that have a traditional and spiritual touch too. And when you are looking for a gift that will make the recipient smile, this is where you will want to come – even if you are not looking for anything that is spiritual in nature, you will still be able to find plenty of options that will make a home look just that much more special!

Here are just some of the options that you can look through when you are trying to find home decor products under 1000:

  • Not a lot of people would think of incense sticks as a gift, but when you see the options that are on offer at Samskara, you just might change your mind. Not only are these several variants to pick from, at the cost we offer them to you at, you will be able to pick more than one. As a matter of fact, a combo pack, which has 5 packs of incense is exactly INR 1000! These incense sticks can be used for pooja or just as room fresheners too.

  • Although Ganesha is a Hindu god, he has earned a much-loved place in the décor space and people enjoy having a Ganesha décor piece in their home too. If you take a look at the adorable Ganesha tealight holder, you will want to get one for your home too! Delicately crafted, this tealight holder can be kept as is or with the candle that will offer a glow that is warm and divine!

  • Now, if you are looking for small home decor items that do have a spiritual or divine element to them, then you should most certainly consider the small stone Shivling. This is a perfect gift for those who are believers of Lord Shiva or even for those who just want a little something divine in their home. You can choose from the black or white versions, because either one of them will look good!

  • What if you want to pick something that will bring a little good luck and fortune into the home of the recipient? Our brass tortoise is sure to win your heart – the adorable little tortoise is considered extremely important as per the tenets of Feng Shui – it can ward away negative energies, bring home health and happiness and invite prosperity.

  • In case you are looking for practical and useful home decor gift items around the festive season, you might want to check out our collection of pooja thalis or aarti plates. These are perfect for gifting at around Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Bhaidooj and other such festive occasions, where there will be a need for the same. The thali comes as a set, in which you will get not only the perfectly crafted plate, but also a diya, a agarbatti stand, a small holder for camphor and a box to store haldi, kumkum or Akshat.

  • When you think of home decor items, there is no way that wall décor options do not cross your mind and when you come to Samskara, you will find the most amazing and interesting collection of wall hangings and décor options. From incredibly crafted Ganeshas to options that are an ode to the Sun God – you can take your pick, because each of them will add to the charm of any home.

  • Let’s say you want a gift that can be used at any time of the year and is a statement piece in itself – the 3 diya stand will become your gift of choice. Whether you choose to light it up or use it as nothing more than a décor piece, this diya stand is an attention grabber. The 3 levels offer the right amount of space to hold the diyas and given that the price is well under a thousand, you might find yourself picking this up as a gift, more than once!

  • Sometimes you want to pick home decor items online that look a lot more expensive than they really are – if you too are looking for something like that, then we suggest our small brass pedestal peacock figurine. The amount of detailing that you will be able to see on this piece is incredible and can immediately add a sense of royalty to any space. It is small enough to fit on a workstation and pretty enough to leave anyone speechless!

Browsing through a carefully curated website like Samskara is normally a pleasure and if you are willing to spend a little time, you will be able to find several brass idols, metal diyas and other home decor items under 1000! And we are pretty sure that this will become your go-to site for all future gift shopping occasions!

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