Samskara Makes Choosing Gifts For Indian Parents Easy

Samskara Makes Choosing Gifts For Indian Parents Easy

Indian parents can be very typical in certain things – they will spend their entire life working towards providing the best life to their family and do very little for themselves. And even after they have settled you down in your life, they will still continue to negate themselves the bigger joys in life. Ask them what they want for a special occasion, and they will say ‘nothing’ or at the most, they will ask for something simple and inexpensive. And most of the times, we kids also don’t want to make a lot of effort and the Indian gift ideas that we keep going back to are basic and most of the times, quite boring.

But its time to put the parents centre stage and when it comes the time for their anniversary, it is absolutely important that you celebrate it with utmost aplomb! And when you are looking for the finest gifts for the two people who have spent their lives giving you the best, Samskara Home is one of the finest places. This is where you can find some of the prettiest and most exclusive gifts – whether you want décor items that can make the house prettier or something that will allow them to get in touch with their spiritual side, there is much to choose from.

Even though they might be retired, your parents still probably entertain a lot of people at home – after all, finally they have time to meet up with their friends and spend time catching up. This means that the living room is constantly occupied and as a responsible child, you will want their living room to look great at all times. One of the really cool anniversary gifts for parents in India would be something to deck up the living room and at Samskara Home, you will be pick and choose some really pretty looking décor pieces. We suggest the brass décor pieces like the peacock or the adorable Ganesha on a scooter, which are sure to perk up any corner of the living space. You could also consider gifting one of the Gautam Buddha statues that we have and what is great is that they come in a variety of colour combinations, allowing you to pick one that will work with their interiors.

If your parents are the types who like to have a little bit of nature indoors too, then our metal trees are sure to tickle their interest – made to look like a real tree, these metal trees come complete with branches and leaves. This is not only one of the really cool gifting ideas for parents anniversary, but also works a treat for any other occasion like a birthday or moving into a new home. What is great about these trees is that they can be placed on their own, or you could place any small idol underneath it – as a matter of fact, the Radha Krishna or the Buddha would sit so perfectly under the tree, making it a wonderful décor piece.

Now, if your parents are regularly having people over, there is quite the chance that they are also having them over for lunch or dinner, which means that you need to look for gift for Indian parents that will work for their dining space too. There is something about having special lighting in your dining space and when you shop at Samskara Home you will be able to pick and choose from the prettiest diyas and tealight holders. Whether you want a petite diya that will sit pretty when it is just your parents sitting down for a quiet dinner or a more elaborate diya rangoli that will make the dinner table look and feel wow, there is plenty to choose from. There are also some really pretty looking urlis, which are great on their own, but should you pour some water into, float some flower petals and candles and you have a statement décor piece for any dinner party.

Samskara Home is a place where there is a genuine effort to keep the culture and traditions of India alive, which is why you will be able to find some of the prettiest spiritual gifts as well. Whether you are looking for pooja thalis or God idols or even something as basic as incense sticks, you will be able to find it all here; and we believe that these make for really cool anniversary gift for mom and dad too. Items like the pooja thali are perfect to be kept in the pooja room or can be brought out during special or festive occasions.

And in case you are still confused, feel free to browse through our carefully curated gift hampers, because we are pretty sure that you will be able to find several great options for your parents. The next time your parent’s anniversary comes around, come to Samskara Home and find something that is pretty and practical too!

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