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Whether you have a super busy routine or you live in another country, your parents are someone you always need to make the time for. Before you know it, the month of May will be here and even quicker than that, it will be time for Mother’s Day! While it is important that you celebrate the woman who brought you into this world, every single day, it is also important to take those few special days and make sure that you take that extra effort.

Birthdays, festive occasions and of course, Mother’s Day are just some of them and choosing the perfect gifts for Mothers Day is perhaps one task that many people dread. This often happens because we are never completely sure of what to pick for a woman who has given the world to us and then some more! Should you choose to shop at Samskara Home, you will have options of some of the most interesting and unique gifting options. Here are just some of our suggestions that you can check out this year, to find the perfect gift for your mommy dearest!

  • JewelleryLet’s face it, there are only a rare few women who will ever say no to jewellery and while some might prefer real gold and diamonds, there are many mothers who prefer the handmade, unique variety. If your mom belongs to the second category, then you should check out our brand-new jewellery collection. Handmade terracotta jewellery that is sure to make her smile!


  • Diyas and lamps – Most mothers take pride in their homes and how well they are able to maintain it. While they might constantly be on the lookout to find home décor pieces that will brighten up the house, maybe, it could be an idea for you. Why not pick home décor gifts for mom that are sure to win her over? At Samskara, you will find a huge range of home décor options, all with a touch of the traditional. We suggest that you look through our collection of diyas and lamps, because we are pretty sure that more than one piece will capture your attention. We particularly like the twin peacock brass lamp and the 5 step diya stand!


  • UrlisAlthough a traditional vessel, the urli has made a comeback and how! Everywhere you look, you will see some form of the urli and it has returned to become a popular home décor option. Would a perfectly crafted urli not make for one of the best Mothers Day gifts? What she chooses to do with it would be completely up to her – she can keep it as it is, fill it with some flower petals, pour some water and float some candles inside or even use it in the mandir to keep dry prasad!


  • Metal décorAt Samskara, we offer a range of metal décor pieces and should you take a look at them, we are sure that you will like several pieces. While there are the more spiritual gifts for mom such as Ganesha and versions of the sun that you can hang on the wall, she just might like the more modern metal décor, where the kalpavriksha has been brought to life, using metal. You will be able to select from a wide range in terms of colour patterns and sizes too.


  • Metal rangolisYou might have seen your mother make these elaborate rangolis using flowers or dry colours for all festive occasions. This year, why not surprise her with a metal rangoli from Samskara? We bring to you incredible looking metal rangolis, which are shaped like a regular rangoli, but comes to life when you place tealight candles within! These are not only the easiest way to add elegance and vibrancy to a festive occasion, it will also save your mom time that she would have otherwise spent, creating an intricate rangoli!


  • God idolsWhether your mother has a religious bent of mind or not, she will most certainly appreciate a gorgeous Ganesha or Krishna that she can use to adorn either her home or if she has a mandir in the house, that too. At Samskara, you will be able to pick and choose from some of the most stunning brass idols, that are crafted with immense precision to give you that sense of divine perfection. You can pick one or more idols to make your mom smile, because this would probably be one of the finest and more unique Mothers Day gifts.


  • Antique locksNow if you are looking for something that is truly unique and interesting, our collection of antique locks are sure to entice you. Created to not only protect your home, rooms or other valuables, these locks are décor pieces on their own – they have been crafted to add a sense of whimsy to your interiors. When you want Mothers Day unique gifts, these should most definitely figure in your list. If nothing else, it will tickle her senses and make for a great addition to her living room décor collection!


At Samskara Home, not only will you be able to find the best gifts for Mothers Day, but for any other special occasion – whether its Diwali or a housewarming, whether it’s a birthday or anniversary or you want to pick something to give your own home interiors a new touch, this is where you will want to come and shop at!

So, what are you planning for your mommy, this Mother’s Day?

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