Invoke The Divine With Decorated Aarti Thalis

One of the most beautiful things about our country is the passion and dedication with which we celebrate each festival. Be it Rakhi, Karwa Chauth, Navratri or Diwali, the Hindu festivals in particular are full of beauty and colours. And the most exciting part of these poojas and celebrations is the creative and unique aarti thali decoration! Women pour their heart and soul into decorating the thali, to please the deities and these are often the pride and joy of the festivities. More or less, all the festivals and poojas revolve around one centre piece – the aarti ki thali! The arrangement of the pooja items, such as the diya, roli, kumkum, flowers, camphor etc. on the aarti thali has a lot of spiritual importance too. In many gated communities and societies, women gather and try to locate the best thali decoration design online, so that they can have a unique and stunning looking thali! 

While some people prefer using their gold, silver and other precious metals for decorating their aarti thali in the most traditional way, some people kindle their creativity and go for surprisingly unique and innovative ideas. We at Samskara Home are all about the devotion to your spiritual beliefs and our products reflect that clearly. We also understand that there will be occasions when you need to decorate our exclusive thalis, and here are 5 very unique and beautiful handmade unique aarti thali decoration ideas for the upcoming festivals. 

Significance of Aarti thali – 

  1. Maa Durga on a plate!:

Perfect for Navratri, this creative unique aarti thali decoration is simple, yet grand! All you need is to draw the face of Maa Durga on a paper, which is cut in the shape of your thali and decorate the same using the material of your choice. Ideally, clay or dough rolled out to create the outline and a beautiful nathni (preferably large circular one, with a tiny stone or pearl dangling) placed at the nose would look amazing. Decorating the bindi, eyes, and eyebrows with pretty sequins and stones will make it even more gorgeous. Finally, you can place your Pooja samagri on the plate as per your family tradition. Alternatively, you can also draw a Ganpati face, use your own creativity and come up with your own Ganpati aarti thali decoration idea! You can shop for beautiful aarti thalis and other Pooja essentials at Samskara, including idols, diyas and the quintessential aarti plates.

  1. Kundans and stones wedding pooja thali decoration:

When the bride out there is adorned with kundan jewellery and precious stones, let the aarti thali be her counterpart too! To start with, you can cut out a dark coloured velvet paper sheet as per the size of the aarti thali, and stick it. Cut a glitter sheet in the shape of a diamond or flower, and place it at the centre of the plate. Now you can go liberal with the stones and kundans, and stick them as per your choice on the plate – edges are a must! Choose a diya, surrounded by tiny flowers to be placed at the centre, on the glitter sheet and in case you are looking for beautiful traditional diyas, just come to Samskara.

  1. Mor-pankh aarti thali decoration:

This one just might make your heart dance like a peacock! Make sure you have real feathers, sourced ethically and it would be a good idea to you use a silver or golden coloured plate, without any prints or embossing. Using a sketch pen or marker, draw the outline of a peacock, and fill the body with shiny stickers or stones. Stick the peacock feathers on one side of the thali, where you wish the feathers to be. Diyas and flowers can be arranged on either sides of the body, or one side, as per your choice.

You can also keep an urli at one side of the plate, if the size of the plate permits and yet again, Samskara is the ideal place to shop for a wide range of urli and brass bowls for Pooja and decoration.


  1. Pooja thali decoration at home with Dough and Rice:

All you need are some basic everyday ingredients, like kneaded wheat dough and raw rice. Mix some raw rice with organic food colours of your choice – hues of reds, greens and yellows look great on a thali. Some beads and pearls can be added too, but that is purely optional. Roll the dough into a thin rope and you can braid the rope, or twist two ropes to form a pattern. Arrange this around the edges of the place. Use the coloured rice to make designs or rangoli patterns on the place and then place the diya and flowers at the centre of the plate. Alternatively, you can make diyas with the leftover dough – this is a wonderful, and eco-friendly handmade unique aarti thali decoration!


  1. Embroidered Fabric diwali thali decoration

This is a very pretty decoration idea, and you could probably twin with your aarti thali too! Cut out the embroidered cloth in the shape of the thali and stick on it. You can use any beads, pearls or floral motifs to decorate this thali and stick a colourful or beaded lace at the outer edges of the thali. At the centre of the plate, place the diya, surrounded by flowers. Alternatively, you can place a Ganpati motif at the centre of the thali, and this becomes a great idea for Ganpati aarti thali decoration. You can also keep a traditional tea light holder at the centre of the plate, substituting the diya for a change.


Never forget your Samskara:

At Samskara, our constant endeavour is to keep the beauty and uniqueness of our traditions thriving. We are always ready to bring you the most beautiful, intricate and unique features of our culture in forms that you can display in your home. An aarti thali is an expression of our love and devotion to the deities we believe in - what better way to express it than by decorating a thali in the most beautiful and unique ways! And if you any other unique ways of doing pooja thali decoration at home, feel free to drop us a message!

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