Find the most unique and interesting Holi gifts ideas come to life at Samskara Home

India is a land that is rich in terms of culture and diversity – the language and dialect, the food and even the customs will change every few hundred kilometres. However, there are some festivals that are truly national and are celebrated in some manner, in every part of the country. Holi happens to be one of them!  

No matter which part of the country, or with the spread of Indians all over the world, no matter which part of the world you are in, Holi has become an extremely popular. These days, even non-Indians are choosing to celebrate Holi, because even though they might not understand the cultural significance of the festival, they enjoy the fun part of it all. The colours, the music, the food and the sheer sense of joy that pervades this festival has caught the attention of people all over the world.

Where there is a celebration, there are family and loved ones and when all of these come together, there is the need for gifts – and Holi gifting ideas often leave people slightly confused, because they are not sure of what to pick. While colours and sweets are a natural option, they are not objects that will last long – as soon as the day is over, the colour will have been applied on everyone and before the next day starts, the sweets might have vanished!

When you want something that will last a while and is rooted in our Indian culture, you will want to come to Samskara – home to some of the prettiest and most intricate looking traditional decor items. This is where you can find some of the best options for not only your home, but also to gift to loved ones. If you too are looking for interesting and special Holi gifts, then you should browse through our collections. We also have plenty of Holi gift ideas that are sure to capture your attention and that of the people who will be receiving them:

  • Bring home the power of the divine – For a traditional or for that matter, even a modern Hindu household, there could be no better gift than that of idols of the divine. At Samskara, you will be able to find a huge collection of idols and statues that are handcrafted to perfection. Whether you are looking for a modern bike riding Ganesha or you want something that is rooted in culture, like a Shivalinga, you will be able to find it here. given that Radha and Krishna are often associated with the festival of Holi, you could look at buying those as well.
  • Start the decking up at the door – There are so many people who pay a lot of attention to picking out the perfect brass decorative items for living room, but they often forget the main door. For all such people, you might want to pick something from the super selection of torans that you will be able to find at Samskara Home. These are made using patterns that have been around for centuries, but the modern touch makes them perfect for any home.
  • Upscale the interiors with an urli – If you thought that urlis were meant only for decorations at Diwali time, you would be so wrong, because a pretty urli will brighten up your interiors, at any point of time. At Samskara, we bring to you a huge collection of absolutely stunning urlis, each of which has been handcrafted to perfection. Whether the recipient of the urli chooses to keep flowers inside or pour water and float candles inside, the choice would be completely theirs!
  • Rangolis that go beyond colours – Did you think that rangolis were only made using flowers and colours? Come to Samskara and we will show that even lights can make the prettiest rangoli! Discover the world of traditional home decor items like diya rangolis – patterns made like a normal rangoli, but to hold tealights, and create a magical atmosphere. These are superb gift options for all occasions, including Holi.
  • A fragrant addition to the festivity There is something magical and ethereal about the fragrance that really good quality incense sticks can emanate. At Samskara, you will be able to choose from a huge selection of incense sticks that are made using high quality ingredients. While people might not consider these are traditional Indian decor items, these are without a doubt, an integral part of Indian homes. So why not create a hamper that includes all the special fragrances and gift it to someone you love! 

When you come to shop at Samskara, you will have access to some of the most unique brass decorative items all of which will make for perfect Holi gifts. Whether you pick wall décor that will add colour to the interiors or you choose an incredibly intricate lock and key set. Whether you choose a saintly Buddha or an elaborately carved peacock, we can assure you that the gift will be much loved!

Tell us more about what gifts you would want to pick for your loved ones this Holi!

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