Discovering Inner Peace: A Journey Through Teachings Of Buddha

Also known as Siddhartha Gautama, Lord Buddha was a spiritual leader and founder of Buddhism. Despite spending his youth as a privileged prince, he left his palace in search of enlightenment. After years of meditation and reflection, he attained enlightenment and came to be known as Buddha – the awakened one.

Throughout his life, Lord Buddha shared his teachings and wisdom with the world, spreading the message of compassion, wisdom, and peace. He facilitated people to look within themselves and find the path to enlightenment, and taught the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, and the practice of mindfulness as a means to attain the purpose of life.

The legacy of Lord Buddha is one of inspiration, hopefulness, and compassion. His teachings have been proven to bring wellbeing, peace, and wisdom to many, and continue to impact the world in significant ways. By following the life teachings of Buddha, individuals can carve their own path to enlightenment and live a life of happiness and purpose.

Teachings of Lord Buddha have had a profound impact on the world and continue to influence millions of people even in today’s world. His preaching on the concept of mindfulness, kindness, and understanding are widely embraced and amalgamated into various spiritual practices.

He was a strong advocate of non-violence and respect for all beings, which has motivated numerous people to work towards creating a fairer and peaceful world. It is purely due to the inspiration and the sense of calm that it provides, Lord Buddha’s statue for home has become an integral part of interior décor. Have a look at the collection at Samskara Home – whether it is our Yellow And Black Buddha Statue or While Blessing Buddha White Statue Big, despite being in different colours and designs, they provide the equal amount of joy, clam and inspiration.

People keep Buddha statues and paintings at home for various reasons. Some of them are mentioned here -

  • Spiritual Reasons: For many people, Buddha is a representation of a spiritual guide and the ultimate source of enlightenment. A Buddha statue or painting of Buddha reminds them of his teachings, making the atmosphere in the house divine and spiritual.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Be it an idol, painting or any other decorative item, such as our Buddha Shadow Lamp Small, they can be aesthetically pleasing and serve as beautiful decorative elements in the home, providing immense beauty and a rustic look to the space.
  • For Sentimental Reasons: Some people feel that having a Buddha statue at home can bring good luck, affluence, and peace. This could probably be a reason why our brass Buddha idols online are so popular.
  • For Mindfulness: Buddha, in his teachings, always advocated practising mindfulness, and looking at his statues or paintings, people can be reminded to focus on the moment, and lead an honourable life.
  • As a Symbol of our Cultural Legacy: For people who follow Buddhism, keeping a Buddha statue or painting at home is a way to honour their traditions and heritage, and stay connected to their roots.


There may be many reasons, but keeping a Buddha statue or painting in the home can be a source of motivation for people, and be constantly reminded of his teachings. Buddha's teachings have the power to change lives and bring happiness to those who practice them.

If you are wondering what the main teachings of Buddha were, and why those teachings are considered so important, read on. Below mentioned are some of the most inspiring teachings of Lord Buddha, which you can incorporate in your life -

  1. Mindfulness: Lord Buddha constantly preached about being mindful, i.e., living in the present moment, without worries, without judgement - and becoming aware of one's thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. Meditation has mindfulness at its core, and that’s why most of the meditation centres have Lord Buddha’s statues and other décor articles in their interiors.
  1. Compassion: Another very important teaching of Mahatma Buddha is the significance of compassion – meaning, treating all living beings, including the self, with kindness, empathy, and love. He insisted that practicing compassion is very important to attain self-satisfaction and greater happiness and well-being. It also results in better interpersonal relationships.

  1. Evanescence: Like it is said, change is the only constant, Lord Buddha also insisted on the concept of evanescence or impermanence. When we understand that nothing is permanent, it is easier for us to release their affection to material things and focus on what truly brings happiness. This is essential for inner peace and gratification.

  1. The Eightfold Path: The Eightfold Path basically lays a protocol for leading an honourable life, and includes the eight pillars - right understanding, purpose, speech, action, occupation, effort, mindfulness, and attentiveness. Imbibing these fundamentals into our life can help us attain greater wisdom, and reduce our sufferings.

  1. The Four Noble Truths: The Four Noble Truths sketch the comprehension about the nature of suffering – what causes it, how to overcome and eventually end it. By taking up this teaching, people can look at their lives with a different perspective, and find inner peace and contentment.


It may not be easy to follow every teaching of Lord Gautam Buddha, but incorporating some of these teachings into our life can lead to a better understanding about ourselves and people around, and help attain a sense of fulfilment. Which of his teachings do you like the most, do let us know!

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