Decoding the evil eye – what does evil eye do?

Ever wondered why your naani or daadi applied a huge kaala tika on your forehead after dressing you up beautifully? Why do some shops have nimbu mirchi, aloe vera and Drishti Ganapathy hanging at their entrances? Why is a newlywed couple always welcomed inside a house after aarti? As the elderly people always say, “nazar na lage” – meaning “May the evil eye not catch you”. 

Yes, evil eye or nazar or drishti, is an ancient belief, where people believed that other people may hex, curse or smite us when they are not happy with something about us, or are jealous of us. You can relate nazar or evil eye with negative energy. To keep these evil thoughts and energies at bay, people use evil eye jewellery. It is possible that someone might eye your possessions, and exude a negative aura around you, making you feel the effects of the negativity – falling ill, businesses crashing, kids getting hurt, etc. 

Even though there is no scientific evidence of the existence and occurrence of the evil eye, it’s a very common and strong belief that people have. The belief in the "evil eye" is an ancient one, which is found in many cultures around the world. In many cultures, the evil eye is believed to be a very real and powerful force. People often wear evil eye jewellery like the evil eye bead, bracelets, etc. to protect themselves from the curse. Many people keep positive energy decor items at their homes to ward off the negative energies of evil eye. 

Countering the evil eye -

Protecting from the evil eye, or nazar utarna, is a common ritual in most households. These methods vary depending on the culture and tradition, but some common practices include:

    1. Wearing evil eye jewellery or amulets: In many cultures, people wear protective jewelry or carry amulets, such as an evil eye charm, to ward off the evil eye. These jewelleries and other items are considered to absorb negative energy and protect the wearer from the ill effects of evil eye.
  • Keeping positive energy decor items at home: According to our ancestors, there are certain objects that, when kept at home, tend to deflect negative energies. Usually, home décor items such as dream catchers, statues of fish and elephants, and some crystals such as quartz, turquoise, etc., are believed to ward off negative energies and help maintain positivity and good vibes at home. 
  • At Samskara Homes, you will find many such home décor items and vastu objects for evil eye, which you can bring home and maintain peace and harmony at your home. 

    1. Carrying a talisman: Some people carry a talisman, such as a religious book or an icon, which is believed to have protective powers - a pocket Bhagavad Gita, a pocket Bible or any religious symbol that is believed to offer protection.
    2. Performing religious rituals or prayers: It is common for people to recite prayers or perform certain rituals to ward off the evil eye or to lessen its effects. While some use whole lemons smeared with sindoor, some use burning camphor, and some use dried red chillies and peppers with rock salt to do the same.
    3. Keeping herbs and positive energy plants: Some people use herbal plants such as Tulsi, rosemary, fennel and aloe vera, which are believed to have protecting properties. These plants are usually hung over doors, or placed in homes and offices to provide protection.

    Why do people wear evil eye?

    People wear evil eye jewellery for various reasons, but the most common reason is to protect themselves from the "evil eye," which is a curse or negative energy that is believed to be caused by jealousy or negative vibes – to protect themselves from the evil eye that may harm their health, wealth, and even their overall well-being. But the main thing here is to look for the high quality and authentic evil eye jewellery, instead of low-quality ones. 

    Wearing an evil eye jewellery is believed to provide protection against evil eye by taking in the negative energy without letting it affect the wearer, or repelling it away from the wearer. 

    Some people may choose to wear jewellery such as a blue eyes bracelet, or an evil eye necklace, to remind themselves to stay watchful against negative energies around and to protect themselves from the negative influences of people around.

    Many people wear evil eye jewellery as a fashion accessory – they do look amazingly stylish. And especially if you love the Boho style accessories, then the evil eye bead is a great choice for you. Since the evil eye beads are found in a variety of colours, styles and designs, they make a stylish addition to any outfit. 

    To sum up……

    People use many ways to ward off the ill effects of evil eye, and evil eye is nothing but the negative energies around us. At Samskara Home, we offer so many positive energy products for home, which we believe will help you create a happy and healthy atmosphere, and help you deal with the negative energies around. Light a diya to spread a divine light or place some religious idols around your home to create a positive ambience. We do have it all at Samskara Home! 

    Let us know what kind of rituals and methods are followed at your home, to deal with the evil eyes. We will be happy to hear from you!

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