Choose the best and most unique birthday gifts for loved ones from Samskara Home

Birthdays are a time to celebrate – this is when one person is the centre of all attention, for at least that one day and if that person is special to you, you would want to take that extra effort to ensure that you shower them with plenty of love and attention and of course, gifts. But for years, the options of gifts have remained somewhat similar – you get them a cake, or some chocolates, or perhaps some flowers or maybe clothes.

However, if you choose to look for birthday gifts for loved ones at Samskara, you will not only be able to find some truly interesting options, but we can offer you some ideas on how to make them even better. Here are some interesting and unique ideas:

  • You might have considered scented candles and perfumes as birthday gifts, but have you ever considered incense sticks? If you are shopping at Samskara, you will have access to some of the most exquisite incense sticks, which will give fragrances that will transport you to another world! From oud to musk, from sandalwood to nag champa, there are plenty of exotic scents to choose from and these will make for really different birthday gift ideas.
  • At Samskara, you can find the most amazing metal rangolis – imagine the intricate patterns of flowers, only made using high grade metals. Not only are these rangolis a lot more permanent, they are also extremely easy to set out – all you need to do is lay it out and place some candles inside and you are set. Now, rather than gifting just the metal rangoli, why not pick out some interesting tealight candles as well – whether you pick something with vibrant colours or candles that emit the most exuberant scents, that is a choice that we leave to you!
  • When you shop at Samskara, you will have access to some of the finest looking urlis in town and urlis are something that will always find use. Whether you want to keep it in the pooja room or you want to use it as a décor piece in your living spaces, the ways in which an urli can be used are truly galore, making this a really special birthday gift. However, just an urli would be too predictable – so why not fill it with the candies the birthday person really likes or perhaps bags of dry fruits? Another good idea would be to add some floating candles, so that the urli can be filled with water, flowers and these candles to create the most magical ambience, making this a super unique birthday gift.
  • And in case you are looking for some other ‘vessel’ to fill the birthday special goodies in, that will also be useful later on, you should definitely check out our collection of baskets and jail lanterns, which are all handcrafted to perfection. Given that almost all of them come with a cavity for the tealight candle, you should be able to fill small knick-knacks in the same space, while giving it away as a gift.
  • Should you be looking for the most amazing birthday gifts for a girl-friend, you will want to check out the jewellery collections that have recently been launched at Samskara. These handcrafted pieces are made with terracotta, which means they will lend a sense of rustic charm, along with an immense amount of elegance to any outfit. You can pick the colours that you like or perhaps the design that catches your fancy!
  • Perhaps one of the most unique and exquisite gifts we have at Samskara home have to be our take on the traditional locks – designed to be statement pieces on their own! We are pretty sure that if you choose these as gifts to give away on a birthday, you will be top of their list of people they love for the longest time! Whether they choose to use it as a lock or a décor piece for the workstation, that is a choice, you can leave to the recipient.
  • But what about those times when you are just not sure about what to pick; what do you do in those times? In times like these, a good birthday gift idea that will work for sure, would be our door hangings that are pretty and petite! These are easy to pick and pack and they can be used in multiple ways – whether they are hung on windows or walls, whether they are draped on a cabinet or used to deck up the bed headboard, there are so many ways in which our range of door hangings can be used. Same goes for our Christmas decorations too – pick the stars from our ornaments, to make the birthday boy feel like a star too!
Do you have any more ideas on how you can create unique gifts for birthday from all the special items that are on offer in our inventory? Share your ideas with us – who knows it just might get featured in one of our blogs!

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