Bring home showpieces with a divine touch

Your home is an extension of who you are, what your personality is like and every small detail that you might have added without thinking much is actually a statement to your style ideals and what you truly like. Whether you are religious or not, you might like the idea of having something that allows you to feel slightly more spiritual. More and more people are now choosing to pick showpiece items that are deeply entrenched in the concept of spirituality, yet have a touch of modern elegance to them. If you too are looking for options such as that, you might want to spend a little time browsing through the virtual aisles of Samskara Home, because we bring to you some of the finest décor options from across the cultures of our wonderful country!

  • Idol-ise those who signify love – If we were ever to pick up the books or texts that spoke of eternal love, the one name that is sure to pop up would be of Krishna and Radha. There is a reason why you will see idols of Radha Krishna, every time you search for gifts for Valentines Day or even for wedding gifts and wedding anniversary gifts. You too can bring the divinity of their love into your home with incredible statues that you can find at Samskara Home. 
  • Ganpati bappa moryaThere is a reason why almost every auspicious event tends to start with a prayer or an invocation to Lord Ganesha. He is not only considered to be the bringer of good luck, he is also said to remove all obstacles, something that is important at the start of something new or important. And then there is the fact that Ganesha statues normally look very cute and can add an element of divine fun to your interiors. 
  • Let there be light – Now there will be many who are not interested in keeping anything that is obviously religious, but they would still like something that will keep them feeling rooted. When you shop at Samskara Home, you will be able to find several showpiece ideas that have a truly traditional touch and our selection of lamps and diyas would be just one of them. There are simply so many options for you to look through – whether you want something that is a single piece or a set of smaller diyas, you should find in the virtual aisles of Samskara. While these lamps and diyas are suitable for regular home décor, they can also be used for festivals and other special occasions. 
  • A rangoli with a different vibe – Normally, when you think of a rangoli, you think of flowers or powders. You will also think of all the intricate patterns being made on the floor. However, at Samskara, we give tradition our very own twist – so when we say rangoli, we mean floral rangolis with a whole different vibe – imagine diyas in the shape of a rangoli and all you need to do to bring it to life is place tealight candles within! What is truly wonderful about these unique beautiful showpiece items is that you can place them wherever you want – on the floor, on the table; as long as it’s a flat surface! 
  • Float more than just flowers – Once upon a time, the urli was used in the kitchens of southern India to cook large portions of vegetables and curries in one go. Today, the same urli has taken on a modern avatar and you will be able to see it more as a living room centre piece. The idea of floating some flowers or candles inside an urli has become extremely popular and you will be able to see the same almost everywhere, including hotel lobbies and homes. At Samskara, you will get to see some incredibly unique looking urlis, which are sure to become the pride and joy of your interiors. 
  • LED it up! – While you will want something special for festive occasions, you want something simpler in your home too – something that is a lot more every day, but still creates an impact in the space that you keep it. When you look at the LED lamp collections that we have at Samskara, we think that you will get exactly what you want! These intricately designed lamps might look simple, but the moment you turn them on, they will cast a divine splendour all over the room. 
When you are looking for a showpiece for gift purposes or for your own home, you need to choose something that will not get thrust into some unknown, unseen corner of the house. The options we bring to you at Samskara will not only beautify your home, but also bring an innate sense of divine comfort.

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